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Flipadistrict Out John Kline! Video

has created a Flip a District chart for America’s worst representatives. Minnesota’s Representative has made it to the final four. You can help have Kline WIN as WORST LEGISLATOR by clicking through to a , and/ or tweeting, and/or Facebook posting. When you tweet or Facebook post remember to use the hashtag #flipadistrict and Kline’s name and your post then counts as a vote for Kline.

YOUTUBE VIDEO: One of Congressional District 2’s constituents has created a video to draw attention to Representative John Kline’s voting patterns. Cast a vote for Kline as WORST LEGISLATOR by clicking through and watching the whole video. Thanks!

TWITTER: Here are some possible tweets (you can tweet directly from here):

#flipadistrict Kline! authored bill 2 ++ student loan rates in time of student debt crisis

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#flipadistrict Kline! Student loan refinancing is fair! #retirekline

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#flipadistrict Kline vted agnst #equalpay 4 women We should value the work women do

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FACEBOOK: On your own status or in a PUBLIC group, post about John Kline and include the hashtag #flipadistrict. Example Facebook post (you can cut and paste from here):

Minnesota’s John Kline needs to go! He authored the bill to raise and now the government is making tons of money off of students in this time of student loan debt crisis. We need student loan refinancing! #flipadistrict out Kline!

 Flipadistrict Out John Kline!  Video DFL CD2 (112 Posts)

The Democrat - Farmer - Labor Party of Minnesota's Second Congressional District.

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