What is #flipadistrict?  This hashtag is being used to label the worst legislators across American.  Bill Maher, who can be seen on the HBO Show Realtime onFriday nights at 9:00 pm, central time, has pegged John Kline as one of the very worst and Kline is receiving national attention for being a bracket finalist.  You can help make sure John Kline wins it all by tweeting or Facebook posting about him. Include the hashtag #flipadistrict and his name.

This district that elected Kline, MN Cd2, also elected Obama.  If we all help with this national attention, perhaps we’ll see sweat on John Kline’s brow.  But most importantly, if we flip the district blue, we will be one large step toward student loan refinancing, better assisting veterans, and equal pay for women.

Here are some possible tweets for you to share:

[Tweet #flipadistrict Kline! authored bill 2 ++ student loan rates in time of student debt crisis"]