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Proposed rules for the May 6 CD2 convention

Download a PDF of the proposed rules here (updated 4/25/2017)


  1. Upon all matters not mandated by the State DFL Party Constitution and Bylaws, Official Call, the Second Congressional District Constitution, this convention’s delegates shall be the governing body of the convention for all matters related to the convention and the election of the party officers. Applicable mandatory provisions of the Official Call shall take precedence over any other party rules at any level wherever a conflict exists.
  2. A majority vote of the convention is required to adopt these rules and the agenda. Once adopted, these rules and the agenda shall govern unless suspended or modified by a two-thirds vote of the convention.
  3. The quorum for conducting any business of the convention is a majority of the registered delegates.
  4. All procedures not governed by these rules as approved and or amended by the voting delegates of the convention or the other applicable DFL governing documents shall be governed by Robert’s Rules of Order, most recently revised.ACCESS FOR PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES
  5. The convention shall be conducted in facilities accessible to people with disabilities. Braille, taped materials, other electronic formats, or an interpreter for persons with disabilities or language barriers shall be provided if the congressional district Outreach Officer is notified at least two weeks in advance.
  6. Requests for all reasonable dedicated facilities, rooms, and support services that are required by a person with a disability in order to participate in a meeting and which have been requested in writing to the congressional district Outreach Officer shall be granted or denied in writing prior to the convention. If the request for accommodations is denied, the reason(s) for the denial must be specified.
  7. If the request for accommodations has been approved, the party chair shall send that individual all official converted materials as soon as reasonably possible.
  8. The chair of the convention shall allow reasonable time for people with disabilities to participate fully in the process.CONVENOR
  9. The CD2 Chair shall appoint a convention convenor to call the convention to order and to elect a delegation chair of the convention by majority vote.SEATING OF DELEGATES AND ALTERNATES
  10. Registration of delegates and alternates to the convention shall continue until adjournment. Newly registered delegates and upgraded alternates may not enter while the floor is frozen.
  11. Each Organizing Unit delegation shall elect two delegation co-chairs for purposes of alternate seating, roll calls and ballot voting. The Convention Chair shall instruct the convention as to the duties each delegation chair will be expected to perform during the convention. The name of each delegation chair shall be reported promptly to the Convention Chair. Any delegate shall be eligible for election as delegation chair.
  12. The seating of delegates and alternates shall be governed by the following:
    a. All registered delegates (not alternates) on the temporary roll shall be seated.
    b. The convention shall hear and resolve any challenges regarding delegate or alternate seating pursuant to the Official Call. Challenged delegates or upgraded alternates shall not be allowed to vote on their own challenges.
    c. Any delegates or alternates entitled to be seated after all challenges have been resolved shall go to the registration table with their delegation chair so that proper seating can be arranged. As soon as practical after verification of a quorum, the registration staff shall function inside the convention hall so as to permit its members to maintain a consistent and accurate delegate count by Organizing Unit while participating as convention delegates.
    d. Alternates elected at large shall be upgraded to delegate status according to their numerical ranking on the Organizing Unit report. Alternates elected through subcaucus voting systems will be upgraded to delegate status in the order reported within their subcaucus. If there are no alternates available from within a subcaucus, alternates will be raised from among the highest ranking alternates within the other subcaucuses by a lottery in which each subcaucus will be represented in proportion to its delegate allocation strength.
    e. When leaving the floor for more than 15 minutes, a delegate or upgraded alternate shall leave their credentials with their delegation co-chairs, so as to insure that there is a full delegation on the floor at all times, and to
    maximize the opportunity for alternates to have floor time and participate in the convention.
    f. Three floor passes shall be issued for candidates for party office . Candidates must be credentialed.
    g. A temporary delegate badge shall be issued to an appropriate alternate when the alternate is raised to delegate status. There shall be no upgrading of alternates during any voting process. If the upgraded alternate is subsequently returned to alternate status, the alternate’s delegate badge shall be immediately surrendered.
    h. Non-upgraded alternates and visitors shall be seated separately from delegates and shall not be allowed on the convention floor during the convention.
    i. Special floor passes shall be issued for an interpreter or other personal care assistant for any delegate or upgraded alternate who submits a request to the credentials committee. Such persons may be seated in close proximity to the delegate or alternate they are assisting, but shall play no role in the convention.
    j. During the counting of written ballots, each candidate for the office being tallied is permitted to have one representative/observer present.GENERAL CONVENTION RULES
  13. motion to adjourn shall not be in order until the election for Party Officers as enumerated in the Constitution.
  14. One or more Convention Chairs, with gender balance, shall be elected by a plurality vote of the convention.
  15. The Convention Chairs shall appoint a convention secretary and may appoint parliamentarians, timekeepers, tellers, sergeants-at-arms, and other assistants as they deem necessary to conduct convention business.
  16. All candidates for election to a party office shall be screened by the nominations committee prior to being nominated and all candidates shall be nominated by name only. Each candidate may have up to 3 minutes to use as they wish. There will be no question and answer period.
  17. Contested elections shall be conducted by written ballot. In the event of a tie vote in an election, there
    will be a run-off ballot including only the names of the tied candidates; if a tie still exists, it will be broken by lot. All other voting shall be by voice vote or division (meaning any method, at the discretion of the chair, which provides for an estimated method of measuring the vote) unless a written ballot vote is requested by the Convention Chair or by 1/3 of the delegates present.
  18. Convention tellers shall distribute ballots to the chair of each delegation on matters to be determined by written ballot. Ballots shall be distributed only to delegates and upgraded alternates seated under the rules of this convention. These ballots shall be returned by the Organizing Unit delegation chair to the tellers.
  19. Smoking, vaping and use of intoxicants is prohibited on the convention floor and on school premises. Firearms/weapons are prohibited on premises. The school rules also prohibit latex balloons and peanuts in the building.
  20. No person may place any banners or posters on the convention platform or in any way obstruct the view of the platform by delegates. All signs and other materials must comply with the rules of the convention facility. No moving demonstrations are permitted during balloting. There shall be no disruptive demonstrations in the galleries. Each delegation will be responsible for collecting materials and garbage. Whistles, air horns, bull horns, and strobe lights or other similar devices will not be allowed during the convention or in the convention hall.
    a. No campaign shall post more than 12 candidate yard signs inside the school building, each no larger than 2’x4’. No signs shall be posted on the stage.
    b. Posting of signage outside the school building shall be accomplished by use of wire stands only. Use of rebar or anything larger is prohibited.
    c. Anything attached to any flat surface shall be attached with blue painters tape.
  21. It shall be the responsibility of the individual respective campaigns to remove all campaign
    materials brought into or posted at the convention venue at the end of the convention .
  22. The nominations committee shall place in nomination the committee’s recommendations.
    Other nominations shall be made from the floor without speeches or seconds.
  23. The Convention Chair shall insure that each election complies with the requirements regarding equal division by gender.SPEECH AND DEBATE RULE
  24. No delegate may speak until recognized by the Convention Chair. Speakers will first state their name and Organizing Unit. No person may speak more than once on an item of business until all others on that side who wish to do so have had an opportunity.
  25. Unless otherwise provided for in these rules, no delegate shall speak for more than 2 minutes on any item. The chair will rotate speaking privileges among floor microphones and between proponents and opponents of a measure to the extent possible. Debate will terminate when 3 speakers have been heard on each side.
  26. With respect to credentials challenges to delegations, prior to the floor debate, speakers on behalf of both the challenged delegation and the challenging delegation shall each be allowed 5 minutes in total to present their positions, with the challenged delegation speaking last.
  27. A properly nominated candidate who is dropped under the drop rule, or who voluntarily withdraws, may address the convention, committee, or commission for up to 2 minutes (with additional time at the discretion of the Chair) immediately after withdrawing, or before or immediately after the ballot result is announced.
  28. Any motion to table shall be considered as though it were a motion to postpone indefinitely. A motion to postpone indefinitely does not preclude amendments to the main motion. The motions “to reconsider and enter on the minutes” and “to object to consideration” are not in order. The motion to reconsider is in order and will require a two-thirds
    vote. This rule does not prohibit a motion to “postpone” to a certain time.
  29. Any amendment to a motion or resolution which removes, changes, or adds 5 or more words must be submitted in writing to the Convention Chair before being considered. When the motion to amend is made, it must be seconded. Amendments take a majority vote for adoption.
  30. Incumbent DFL office holders, declared DFL candidates and other party dignitaries may address the convention at the discretion of the Convention Chair. Such visitors will limit their remarks to no more than 2 minutes, with additional time in the discretion of the chair.|PARTY OFFICER ELECTIONS
  31. The Chair shall call for a report of the Nominations Committee and then call for nominations from the floor. Any person nominated from the floor for a Table Officer position (Chair, Vice Chair, Outreach Officer, Secretary, Treasurer) shall be required to have screened with the Nominations Committee . Anyone being nominated from the floor for a position open for election, other than a Table Officer position, shall not be required to have previously screened with the Nominations Committee.
  32. The Nominations Committee may recommend its members as candidates for party office, state preconvention committees, party standing committees, however, those candidates are subject to the following limitations: A member of the Nominations Committee may be recommended for a position, if they have not participated in screening other applicants for that position or in the committee’s vote on its recommendation for that position.
  33. The Chair, Vice Chair (not of the same gender as the Chair), Outreach Officer, Secretary, and Treasurer shall be elected by a majority vote. Voting will be conducted by separate ballot for each position. If none of the nominees for an office receives a majority vote on a ballot, the nominee with the least number of votes will be dropped on the next ballot, provided that at least two candidates remain on the ballot.
  34. If a quorum is lost, all unfilled offices shall be referred for election to the Second Congressional District Central Committee.MEDIA RULES
  35. There shall be a designated Media Area. A Media credential shall be required for access to the Media Area.
  36. Media Credentials shall not be allowed on the convention floor when a vote is being taken and the floor is frozen.
  37. Members, representatives and affiliates of non DFL organizations and campaigns, including campaign trackers, shall not make audio or video recordings of any kind, at any time during this convention, without having first obtained the consent of the Chair of the 2nd Congressional District. Said consent may be withdrawn at any time.
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