2018 CD2 nominations screening

Are you interested in getting involved as a leader in CD2 DFL?

We will hold elections at the CD2 convention April 14. All are invited to apply. You do not need to be a delegate to run for a CD2 party officer position. To serve on a pre-convention committee, however, you must be a delegate or alternate to the CD2 convention.

The CD2 Nominations Committee will screen interested candidates for these positions:

  • Vice Chair, not identifying as female (one-year term)
  • Directors, State Committee members (two-year terms)
  • State DFL Pre-Convention Committee members (committee work for the upcoming state convention only)

To screen for any of these positions, click here to schedule an appointment.

If you need additional assistance to sign up to screen for a Director position, please contact Jay Whiting at jaywhtng@nullaol.com or 612-986-0900. For all other positions, please contact Joy Nicolai at joynicolai1@nullgmail.com or via text at 612-247-8359.

Note: There is currently a vacancy for CD2 Vice Chair. The convention may choose to fill that vacancy as well as any other vacancy created at the convention.

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