Your local CD2 DFL Leadership


Chair: Sue Moravec
Vice Chair: Glen Lloyd
Secretary: Austin Ballhagen
Treasurer: Nancy Stroessner
Outreach and Inclusion: Renita Fisher

CD2 DFL Directors

Laura Isenor, Joy Nicolai, Caren Fine Gallagher, Felonise Pitchford, Kim Westra, Mary Frances Clardy, Sara Chapman, Sandy Sandoval, Darcy McKenzie, Mark Frascone, Paul Mandell, Dave Wilcox, Adam Nicolai, Frank Sachs, Robert Boos, Jim Elwell, Tom Edwards, Steve Cook, Chadwick Vandarious

Executive and Central Committees

How do I know if I am on the CD2 Executive Committee?

The Executive Committee is comprised of:

  • CD2 Chair, Vice Chair, Outreach and Inclusion Officer, Secretary, and Treasurer
  • CD2 Directors
  • For Senate Districts and County DFL organizations wholly within CD2:  Chair, with the Vice Chair serving as alternate
  • For Senate Districts and County DFL organizations partially in CD2: Highest ranking officer residing in CD2 (next ranking CD2 resident as alternate)
  • State Executive Committee and State DFL Committee delegates residing in the Second CD

How do I know if I am on the CD2 Central Committee?

The Central Committee is comprised of:

  • CD2 Executive Committee
  • State Central Committee delegates residing in CD2

CD2 DFL representatives on State Standing Committees

Budget: Nancy Stroessner
Constitution, Bylaws & Rules: Nancy Stroessner, Ron Goldser, and Sue Moravec
Platform, Issues & Legislative Affairs: Kaela Berg, Mark Stroessner, and Gary Hansen
Outreach & Inclusion: Renita Fisher and Lawrence Sandoval
Party Affairs & Coordinated Campaign: Roxanne Mindeman and Greg Hansen