Upcoming Workshops

CD2 is excited to announce a series of upcoming workshops and educational events! Click on a link to learn more and register for an upcoming workshop.

Navigating the DFL

The DFL Party is a grassroots, volunteer organization where many people come together to elect progressive candidates, but it can seem overwhelming to navigate, even mystifying. This training will help to understand the DFL; by understanding how it works and what is going on, creating a more enjoyable, satisfying experience, and helping to make change happen in our community.

Compelling Caucus Confessions

The DFL was not prepared for the number of people attending the Caucuses in 2008 (Barack Obama) and in 2016 (Bernie Sanders). Compelling reason: Not enough people that attended the Caucuses knew what to expect or what to do. This training will cover How To Caucus and by knowing HOW, you will know WHY.

Convention Basics

You’ve already marched, signed petitions, written letters, and protested, and now you want to know how to get someone elected. In this workshop, you will learn about the Convention and Endorsement process and how you can effectively participate in them. Jules Goldstein, the presenter, is acknowledged statewide for his expertise and easy approach to understanding why and how we endorse candidates, vote on resolutions, and elect our party leaders.

Reaching the Unreached

This is a Listening Session review of what young individuals and families are saying in answer to the question “How can we better reach and involve them?”

How to Lobby your Legislator

You have a concern but you don’t know how to get the attention of your state and/or national Legislator. Maybe you don’t even know who is representing you. In this workshop you will learn who represents you AND effective ways to contact and hold accountable your Legislators.

What’s Next

You’ve marched, signed petitions, written letters and protested at your Congressional Representatives’ office. What’s next?

Learn how to get someone elected.

Caucuses, conventions, endorsements — what does all of it mean, and even more, how does it work?